Langfang light filter co., LTD

Address: yongqing county west xinmin village in langfang city in hebei province

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  Langfang light filter company is a research and development, design, production, sales, filter, filter the professional company. Company was founded in 1973, is located in the beijing-tianjin corridor langfang region, advantageous geographical location, information fast, convenient transportation.

  The company mainly produces two series, nearly one thousand kinds of filter, filter and dust purification filters.

  A, engineering machinery and heavy-duty truck series: the company produced komatsu, Hitachi, carter, main friends, kato, god steel, mitsubishi, and other construction machinery. Steyr, cummins, Volvo, dongfeng, liberation, heavy truck, such as filter, filter, sold throughout the country, including, steyr series a/technology development center by China national heavy duty truck group co., LTD inspection; I company in 2008 Mr Fukuda vehicle K4225, K3046 air filter by northern European man vehicle research institute detect qualified.

  Second, dust purification series: designed for power plants, chemical plants, refineries, cigarette factories and generator set production of oil and water, oil and gas separation filter, filter, various dust removal filter steam turbine group. Products of various technical indicators are up to standard, has been completely can replace similar imported products.

  In 2005 the company passed the ISO9001:2005 quality system certification; In 2006, 2007 for two consecutive years was named "heavy contract, keep promise" unit; In 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, four consecutive terms consumer trustworthy product; "Light" brand filter in 2010 was identified as famous brand in hebei province; Company annual output value 60 million yuan, 80 employees including technical personnel 18 people, all kinds of special and general cleaner production, testing equipment 86 sets.

  Through our unremitting efforts and enterprising, with products of good quality, good reputation, won the praise of the broad masses of customers, achieved steady development, the products have been widely covered China provinces and cities within the region.

  Langfang light filter company will continue efforts, continuous improvement, meet the needs of the market, meet the customer's requirements, try my best to the development of the auto industry become a mainstay of filter industry.

  Light filter, imported materials, seiko production, "core" white background!

  My company make science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, light filter, filtering technology!

  Choice of colours is your guarantee of confidence! A large number of spot supply, welcome to sample processing!